I’m right now looking into a clear transparent sea in Thailand Gulf, living the dream for what matters. It’s my first time abroad, and I’ve decided to go literally to the other side of the world, to find out other culture, language, cuisine, and some other things.

The one thing that I kind of expected but I hoped that wasn’t entirely truth, it’s how guys treat Brazilian women. Yep, I’m a Brazilian girl travelling solo. And if you’re a guy, I have a message for you: stereotype sucks.

How would you feel if: you’re French and the first thing I said to you was if you take bath; or German and I asked about Hitler; or Japanese and I asked about the size of your penis. That’s how I feel when you say to me that Brazilians are hot (or sexy, or like sex).

Yes, Brazil it’s a sexy place. Yes, we have carnival and women wear tiny bikinis. But this doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful to us. Because the image that most of you have in mind is porn with Brazilians. And no, we are not in this world to satisfy your fantasies.

beijinho_no_ombroI’m hearing all types of absurd things here. A few days ago in the Full Moon Party in Koh Pha-ngan, I was dancing electronic music and some guy started to dance with me. He said in a poor english: “I’m german”, I replied “I’m Brazilian” and he said “I’m sorry”. First I thought it was something about the football Mineiratzen in the last world cup. Then I asked: “why?”, he said, “I’m sorry you’re Brazilian”. Well, gentleman, I’m not. I’m very proud of being a Brazilian, as I said to him. Not enough, he continued: “why are you not shaking your ass?” It was electronic music playing. Not latin, not samba. We don’t shake our asses to any music. And especially to any men.

Guys, please, treat Brazilian women respectfully. Or better: treat ALL women respectfully. If the only story that you know about a country is a stereotype, you do not know enough. Be humble and nice and ask: “I don’t know much about Brazil, would you tell me how it is?”.

To finish, this amazing talk of Chimamanda Adichie of the danger of a single story.

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